VVA212   2 x 12″ Cabinets

Small footprint V V A Speaker Cabinets are crafted of dovetail joined Poplar or Oak sides constructed from a single, continuous piece of solid wood, and 9-ply 3/4″ plywood front and back panels.

Although we designed our cabinets with the VVA50 Head as a primary reference, they have been tested with numerous amplifiers, and are an ideal match for any quality head. The combination of solid wood sides and high-grade plywood front and back panels produces an ideal blend of acoustic resonance and stiffness that enhances the characteristics of any speaker. V V A speaker cabs can be stained and lacquered for a furniture grade finish, or hand covered in tolex.


V V A cabinets come loaded with WGS ET65s. The ET65’s creamy lows blend with tight midrange and sparkling highs for some of the best tones ever created. This speaker is perfect for rock, country or blues.

Speaker upgrades are available on request. Our favorite upgrade is the Celestion G12M-65 Creamback due to the wonderfully compatible frequency responses of the speaker and the cabinet. That said, power handling, magnet type, and construction materials all contribute to the tone, and speaker choice is subjective. We’ve had great results with a wide range of options and will be happy fulfill any requests. Please contact us directly for specific speaker choices.


  • Small Footprint
  • Solid Poplar or Oak Sides constructed from a single piece of continuous wood
  • 9-ply 3/4″ High-Grade Plywood front & back panels
  • Dovetail Joint Construction
  • Furniture Grade stain and lacquer finish or Tolex covering


Price: $499 Wood Finish, $399 Tolex Covering

VVA112   1 x 12″ Cabinets

A single 12″ speaker cabint, built to the same standards as our 2×12’s.
Price: $399 Wood Finish, $299 Tolex Covering

If you would like to place an order, please contact us by calling
805 340-1642 or emailing